New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wallpaper

Great, fun backdrop featuring the Nintendo characters

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The New Super Mario Bros. Wii wallpaper is a beautiful depiction of the two-dimensional world of Mario and Luigi. If you love old-school gaming, you need to consider investing your time in this wallpaper for your computer. You can celebrate the game's history with just one picture on your computer.

First: The Pros

  • This wallpaper is an homage to the two-dimensional design of the original Super Mario Bros. game. You may not have grown up playing this game, but you may enjoy its simplicity.
  • This wallpaper offers a great deal of color and motion in one picture. The original game was not as active as this wallpaper, and it helps bring your screen to life.
  • This wallpaper is adjustable based on the size of your computer screen. It does not feature any items that will be lost if your screen is very large or very small. Feel free to edit it as you wish, but remember that are editing you do could ruin the spirit of the picture as it was conceived.

Second: The Cons

  • This New Super Mario Bros. Wii wallpaper is not current in terms of the Mario Bros' game storyline. There are many events that are not taken into account in this pictorial. You must only use this wallpaper if you like the original game.
  • The file size is rather large, and you might have a hard time finding space for it on your computer. The graphics are beautiful, but beautiful graphics take up memory.

Changing the background of your computer screen is essential to imprinting your personal style on the computer. If you want to gain old-school gaming cred with your friends, adding this wallpaper to your computer is a good starting point.

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